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File: 123743646255.jpg-(40.96KB, 250x298, cc6cc1d2f62c95de6488b2cf3035bfe9.jpg)
112 No. 112
I got a head like a ping pong ball
I got a head like a ping pong ball
I got a head like a ping pong ball
PING! Like a ping pong ball!
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>> No. 120
oh good god i just nostalgia'd
>> No. 155
is that some camp Karaboo???? ^^
>> No. 163
do the boog-boog-boogie,
come do the kamp kariboogie with me...
>> No. 164
File: 124872864115.jpg-(18.55KB, 400x300, 230502sugar03.jpg)
mmmm sugar
>> No. 310
File: 12738992082.jpg-(410.32KB, 675x1000, 1273864670007.jpg)
They had on this ping pong ball rube golberg machine. If anyone has the vid, I wish them good karma.

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